🎶 05 – LITHUANIA 1

Song title: Netobulas Angelas (Imperfect Angel)

Music by: Ignas Valiulis

Lyrics by: Ignas Valiulis

Artist: Ignas Valiulis

I am a music producer, a songwriter and a singer from Lithuania. I love to produce music, to write songs, and I really love to sing although I was often bullied because of my high voice, because of that I always underestimated myself. Also because of that it was always difficult for me to show the real me to people. But I show a lot of myself through my songs, also my songs are playing on radio stations, shopping malls and etc.


Nors ir neturiu sparnų 

Būsiu angelu tavu 

Aš vis dar turiu vilčių 

Kad mes būsime kartu. 

Šiam pasauly, ar kitam 

Mūsų akys susitiks 

Vienas kitą jos pamils 

Ir jos niekad nepaleis. x2 

Suksimės abu ratu 

Nesibaigiančiu keliu 

Skrisime lengvais sparnais 

Mūsų Dievo mums duotais. x2 


Even though I don’t have wings

I will be your angel

I still have a hope

That we will be together. 

In this world or in the other

Our eyes will meet

They will fall in love with each other

And will never let go. x2

We’ll both be spinning in circles

On this endless road

We will fly on light wings

That God gave to us. x2