🎶 10 – SWEDEN 3

Song title: Kärleken till dig (The love for you)

Music by: Eva-Karin Håkansson & Martin Kahnberg

Lyrics by: Eva-Karin Håkansson

Artist: Eva-Karin Håkansson & Martin Kahnberg

We performed this song live at a small concert this summer. The song came into existence when Eva-Karin was up walking in the Swedish mountains this summer. She found herself humming a melody over and over, and suddenly she knew what the words ought to be. It’s a simple song with a simple text, so what could you possibly do with it? Well – after the concert both of us shared the same feeling.

The song was ok live and the performance was better than we’d expected, but it would be boring to listen to the live performance again and again (the way many of the HCSC participants do). The original song is acapella (i.e. voices only), and we quickly realised that it had to remain acapella for various reasons. We spent a morning in the studio, improvising over the live recording again and again. Some recordings were simply terrible, causing us both to laugh out loud (either while still recording or while listening to what had been recorded), but when we’d had a few tries each we started having ideas that ended up in the final version.

We talked about what we might be able to do, and started thinking of the song more as a piece of art than a piece of music – as if we were painters spoiling each others painting by splashing different patches of colour upon it. Martin had idea that it might be possible to tell a story through sounds alone – an idea that he’d had as a jury for the World Song Festival this year. Well, a few more improvised add-ons later we had created a piece of musical art, and here it is – a crazy little melody encased within a piece of art that gave us loads of laughs among many other things. 🙂 Who said that being in the studio had to be boring? 🙂

So – will you be able to figure out the story we’re trying to tell through this piece of musical art?

Kärleken till dig

Nu må vi känna tro och hopp och kärleken till dig.

Jetzt werden wir Glauben und Hoffnung und die Liebe zu dir fühlen.

Rŵan dan ni’n teimlo cred a gobaith a charu i chdi.

Now we may feel faith and hope and the love for you.