🎶 18 – GERMANY 2

Song title: Crash Your Life

Music by: Janneck Schmacke

Lyrics by: Janneck Schmacke

Artists: Janneck Schmacke

Hi, I’m Janneck and I’m 23 years old. The Eurovision Song Contest is a part of my life since I was a young boy as my parents watched it every year. In 2014 I started to actively follow national pre-selections, rehearsals and whatever belongs to this event. My all-time favourite bands are Wig Wam and Lordi (which I was pretty scared of at first and I actually haven’t heard their song before 2012 because of that). 

After last year’s “Tomorrow Never Comes”, which still is a very personal song to me (and got me a second sixth place in a row), Iwas pretty clueless about what to do next. Usually my goal is to write a song that is better than my last. In this case I decided that I should not try to top it and rather write something that is not comparable to it. “Crash Your Life” is a heavier up-tempo song about one-sided relationships. I often find myself listening to other people’s problems and trying to give them advice. I always have an open ear for that and I help where I can but one thing I learned is that this has to be a give and take. It’s not healthy to bottle up emotions and I expect people, who tell me about their problems to also listen to mine. Life isn’t always easy or fun and everybody needs a helping hand. Maybe sometimes it’s helpful to get rid of additional emotional baggage by ending relationships that are destructive, even if it’s hard. “Crash your life” is not a command, cause I wish all the best to everyone but it says “Now you have to go on on your own cause I cannot care anymore”. Can it achieve a third sixth place in a row? – Hmm I’m not sure… Good luck to everybody 😉 

Crash your life

I was your therapy, your remedy 

Your fantasy, Infinity 

And now it’s getting way too much 

Your memory, your clarity 

Your sanity and dignity 

But I had never felt your touch 

There were highs when we both thought it was love 

But from the lows I learned to be concerned 

And you should better know now 

I’ve always given you all 

Given up all my pride 

Now crash your life 

I’ve always given it all 

But never satisfied 

So crash your life 

And let me live mine 

You almost took it all from me 

But I kept my identity 

It’s covered by a steely dress 

If I’m your personality

Then you can stick it instantly