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On this page we are linking to some momentous contests in the history of Home Composed.

2021 – There were two big shows in 2021, with Stefan Engel arranging and introducing the special ‘Home Composed Greatest Hits’ where songs old and new competed to find the most popular song over the history of the competition. The winning act will be the special guest at the 31st Home Composed Song Contest, 2022.

2021 – the thirtieth edition of the contest took place in London, hosted by the previous year’s winner, Andy Brook. To mark the momentous occasion a one-hour show was recorded with contributions from all of the participants, and using all the tricks of the green screen to create a show that was ‘almost live’. For the first time the votes were split into two rounds, with the newcomers and guests presenting the results like Eurovision juries do, and the returning participants votes were totalled and delivered in ascending order, creating an exciting finish to what was, in the end, a runaway victory for ‘Take me away’ by CornEL and DJ Stefano.

Last year, to celebrate the 30th edition of Home Composed, which came from London, TristΓ‘n White and Sharon Crawford made a special edition of their ‘Love Your London’ youtube series, which is visiting every area of the English capital city, in alphabetical order! It is a ten year project, but they took time out to skip to E for Eurovision! Love Your London will also feature in the 2022 Final show, exploring Romanian connections to London

2014 was hosted by Eduard and Alex Alexogianopolis (Greek Brothers) and brought a new level of on-screen graphics, as well as the brothers’ beautifully paced commentary… and an exciting finish.

Part 1

Part 2

2011 was hosted by Andy Brook and Liam Jarnecki, who would reprise their double act exactly ten years later. This year is the only time that a semi final took place, due to the high number of entries. The standard of songs was exceptionally high, and debut entrants included Eduard and Alex (Greek Brothers), Constantino Delupo Bo Soderholm and Sara Koell, better known as Sara de Blue. Tony Olsen scored his fourth victory, a record still unbeaten.

2008 was a technical triumph for hosts Stefan Engel and Randi. As well as hosting the biggest edition of the contest to date, Stefan presented a full colour A4 brochure and a DVD of the final.

2021 was a special year for the competition, as it celebrated its 30th year with two contests, the regular edition and a special Home Composed Greatest Hits where 22 songs from previous editions competed to find the overall favourite song.

Home 22 – the 30th Home Composed Song Contest