Our guest juries

The winner of the Home Composed Song Contest each year is chosen by a jury for each of the competing songs, arranged by the composers, a public vote (which has the same weight as an individual contestants vote) and guest juries, invited by the organisers. This year there are four guest juries:

Liam Jarnecki
Liam has been a follower and supporter of the competition for many years. An expert on everything Eurovision, Liam has appeared on television as a Eurovision pundit on many occasions.

He has brought his dulcet tones to Home Composed as host and commentator, in 2011 and 2021, and you can see both of those shows on the Watch Again page.

Here’s one of Liam’s first television appearances, way back in 2003, with a much loved, but short lived, series – Liquid Eurovision

A year later and Liam is back, with a brand new hairstyle πŸ™‚

Our second guest is Vladyslav Semenchenko, who is the president of the Eurovision (OGAE) fan club in Ukraine. He lives in Vinnytsia, south-west of Kyiv. We are honoured to have been joined by Vlad, who sent a video for Saturday’s show that relied on him being able to send it at a time when the power wasn’t cut. Our best wishes go to Vlad and to the entire people of Ukraine.

Ukraine hasn’t taken part in Home Composed so far and we are hoping that this will change very soon.


Greek Brothers

Brothers Eduard and Alex Alexogiannopoulos won Home Composed in 2013 and 2017 for Greece, and then went on to become champions of Home Composed Greatest Hits last December, with their song ‘Waiting Til May’.

As well as taking part in the competition this year as a guest jury they have a brand new recording for us as our interval guests.

Here’s their most recent single:

Radio International

JP and his team at Radio International have championed the contest for many years, playing the songs on their weekly Eurovision show in the run up to the Home Composed final, and also take part as a guest jury.

Put the radio on on Wednesday evening for four hours of Eurovision music and interviews.